Book one of our experienced professional DJs for your club or bar


First and foremost, we are a people company. We sell individuality, personality, style and artwork. We thrive on bringing something to the table that’s completely different and original.

Hire one of our reliable experienced professional DJs to play out at your club or bar using your in-house system. Whether it’s on a temporary or permanent basis we can provide the people that can make a difference. With nearly fifteen years joint experience as being disc jockeys including that on radio, in clubs, as mobile DJs and even production, we believe we can really your night more of a success than it already will be.

Our music tastes are hugely varied and eclectic, and experience has taught us how to read a crowd and react accordingly – making sure we have the right atmosphere for your event. We have a lot of musical talent and are able to mix tracks seamlessly without silence. We’re also experienced with the microphone, a skill that many modern DJs seem to have lost.

Whether it’s on a permanent or a temporary basis, we can provide the right skills for the job, and more importantly – get people through the door, and keep them inside on the dance floor.

No matter what the event is, get in touch and we can help you out. Prices start from £150/night and are negotiable.


If you’re interested in the club night service and would like to secure your booking, please contact us with as much detail as possible so that we can provide you with a quote. Prices vary depending mostly on distance and duration, but our aim is to make the overall package as competitive as possible.