David Butler

I started spinning records in early 2008 when I wanted to interact more with the music I listened to and loved. Soon after that I wanted to share my own musical tastes and artistry with an audience so in 2009 I set up my own online radio station, Radio David.

Radio David taught me a lot, it was the first time I had to entertain an audience and not make a mistake, and it also taught me how to express myself using a microphone without the benefit of facial contact. Later, I made a name for myself as one of the most prominent DJs on Wanted FM, a station based in New Zealand describing itself as ‘the most listened to online youth station in the world’. Recently I presented a prime time slot on Sky Blue Radio. In early 2011 I set up ShockWave with the intent to be a mobile DJ – I never imagined it would get me where I am now.

Personally I love to mix drum n bass, I find it so rewarding, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like other genres, in fact I believe in a principle that is all music is great, but knowing what to play when and where is the problem that many have. This is a DJ’s job and this is what I set out to do. I profoundly believe that, just like any artist, a DJ should have a distinct individual personality and this is a mentality I foster in all of my work. I listen to and enjoy all forms of music from classical, to heavy metal to samba; I suppose you could describe my taste as eclectic. I really do appreciate and respect musical talent and I hope this comes over in what I play.


I’ve been a mobile DJ for the past 9 years; I really enjoy the job! For me it’s not just a job, but a hobby too. I met David through a mutual friend shortly after he set up ShockWave in 2011, and we joined forces to expand our business. I also run another venture; DJ Lee Kent, but I work with David under the ShockWave name. I’ve had major residencies at local clubs such as Source Bar, Nitro Bar, R-Bar, Ink Bar, and am also a member of both the event agency UnderSurveillance and SEDA (South Eastern Discotheque Association).

My mix style is more traditional than the new generations of DJs; I’m really into club and house music but can cater for any audience whatever their tastes may be.

When I’m not DJing during the day I’m a plumber, and I’m also a big pistonhead!