Rewarding loyalty and referral



The new ShockWave Kent loyalty programme is designed to reward both returning customers, and those who refer new customers.

Every time you book or make a referral with ShockWave Kent, we will provide you with a loyalty reference number. Quote this number in your next enquiry or referral and receive the following benefits.

The loyalty programme is split into two tables; the loyalty table and the referral table. The loyalty table relates to repeat bookings made by the same customer. The referral table relates to anyone referring a new customer to us, and this is made clear by all parties.



Number of bookings Reward
1st Booking 10% off booking directly through the website
2nd Booking* up to 20% off booking**
3rd Booking* 20% off booking, free uplighting addon
4th Booking* 25% off booking, free uplighting addon
5 or more* 30% off booking


*Within 12 months: 12 calendar months from last booking. If no further booking is made within 12 months, you default to the next lower reward level for the next 12 months. A “booking” is a confirmed booking with a deposit taken – it does not refer to the date of enquiry or the date of the event.

**If second booking is not made within 12 months, the reward is reduced to 10%. This is the lowest reward level you can default to.



Number of referrals Reward
1st Referral 10% cashback to the referrer
2nd Referral* 15% cashback to the referrer
3rd Referral* 20% cashback to the referrer
4th Referral* 20% cashback to the referrer, free uplighting to the referree
5 or more* 25% cashback to the referrer


*Within 12 months: 12 calendar months from last referral. If no further referral is made within 12 months, you default to the next lower referral level for the next 12 months. A “referral” is made when ShockWave Kent, the referrer, and the referee agree that this is a referral, and when the booking is confirmed with a deposit taken from the referee. The referrer can be anyone except an agency or another mobile DJ/events company. The referee must be a new customer, and cannot benefit from the loyalty programme on their first booking.

“Cashback” is a term used to describe your cut of the referee’s fee. The percentage refers to the full amount at the point of the booking information document being sent – this means the referrer will receive a percentage of the full amount originally quoted for the event, including the deposit. Cashback is paid within 30 days after the event. If, for any reason, the event is cancelled the reference is void and no cashback shall be paid. Only one instance of cashback shall be paid per referee – there is no reward for the referrer if the referee decides to return for another event.

The lowest referral level you can default to is the first referral – 10% cashback to referrer.